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Monday, 30 June 2014

Free simple Photoshop Frames

psd frame
Sample Frame image 1
Download Free Adobe Photoshop Frames, basic Photoshop Frames, see sample Frame Image 1,2,3 and 4. Click on Download  Button which is given right side of set of frames. Download file is rar file. after Download Extract it. extracted file is .psd file. every set have many frames. size of every frame is 8x12 , but you can adjust as your choice 4x6 , 5x7, 6x8, 8x10, 8x12 etc. 
psd frames set
Sample Frame image 2
sample image of frame
Sample Frame image 3
download free psd frame
Sample Frame image 4

See Also Download free Photoshop Collage action

See frames in set and click on right side Download Button :-

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Photoshop Collage Action

Photoshop Collage Action 

Download Free adobe Photoshop collage and create your collage in few seconds, you can create many collages in few minutes only.
every collage take only few seconds, and not any technical knowledge required, for creating Photoshop collage, follow some steps and you can create easily Collage in Adobe Photoshop-

How to use Adobe Photoshop collage action-
see the following steps to create collage in adobe Photoshop -

See also - How to create Actions in adobe Photoshop

Step 01 : Download collage action by click on Download Button (given bellow after collage image).

Step 02 : Downloaded collage file is .rar file, extract it, and load in to Adobe Photoshop.

Step 03 : Click on Loaded action and run it.

Step 04 : Action will ask you to select your photo in open window, select your photo.

Step 05 : action will ask you to Crop size of your photo. so set crop size and press Enter Button.

Step 06 : Action will ask you every time for open and crop - follow step 04 and 05 every time till ask.

For more Help Watch bellow video tutorial -

heart collage action

Click bellow button for download above Heart collage action -

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Jal Mahal Palace is located at Jaipur in the Man sagar lake (Jheel). It is very beautiful fort and attractive palace because Jal Mahal is inside the Lake. at the evening and morning time Jal Mahal is looking very beautiful because sunrise the sun back side and sunset in front side of Jal Mahal.
     Many tourist comes here every year. at rainy season Jal Mahal looks very beautiful, than lake is Full of water and Green Nature everywhere on hills (around Jal Mahal).
Jal Mahal
A Beautiful Scene of Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal 1birds Platform in lake

Jal Mahal 1

Tourist at Jal Mahal Bird inside water at Jal Mahal
a Friend group looking Jal mahal
Ruins inside lake

Monday, 23 June 2014

Facebook Cover

Facebook cover photo of heart
Lovely #Heart Photo for #Facebook #cover

Facebook cover photo of sun rise
Sunrise scene Photo for Facebook cover

Facebook cover photo of Birds in Dark
Dark Scene of Birds Photo for Facebook Cover

How to Create Photoshop Action

What is Photoshop Action : 
Photoshop action is a record of work in Photoshop - in Photoshop action we can record our work step by step and that recorded work we can use on another photograph. for example i have a opened Photograph in Photoshop and i want to increase contrast and brightness of that photo, so i will record my work of increasing contrast and brightness and that recorded action i can use on another photograph by one click or by shortcut key. 
The above situation is only just example, we can record many work in action for i.e. pp action, collage action, effect action, photo re-sizing action etc.

How to record Photoshop Action :
For record a Photoshop action we will record a action step by step, you can easily understand from this example about recording a Photoshop action, see below steps carefully and use in Photoshop :- 

Image 01. Action bar
  1. Open adobe Photoshop, open any photo in Photoshop.
  2. go to windows menu and select action OR press Ctrl+f9 (if your action bar  not appearing it will be appear)

how to create Facebook cover and profile picture same in adobe Photoshop

You can also download Photoshop action for creating fb cover and profile pic. same - download 

Read below steps carefully and follow every step in adobe Photoshop, you can take video help also which is given end of the steps.

  • Open adobe Photoshop, and after open Photoshop Open your Photo in Photoshop (File menu-Open)
  • Press "Ctrl+a" , "Ctrl+c" and "Ctrl+w" (Select, Copy and close)
  • Now press "Ctrl+n" for new document. set size "width=851 pixels", "Height=315 pixels" and "Resolution=72 pixels" and Press OK.
  • Now go to "View Menu - New guide" - a new window will be open, select "Vertical" "Position=20 px" and press OK.

How to create shadow effect in adobe Photoshop

Shadow effect in  adobe Photoshop ▬

In adobe Photoshop, we can create any layers shadow with the help of "drop shadow" in blending option. but at blending we can not adjust shadow or we can not use free transform for shadow. for adjust shadow we will use another way.

"See also - How to change B&W to Color Photo"

How to change Old Black and white to color Photo in adobe Photoshop

B&W to Color Photo
Its very easy to create old black and white photo to color photo in adobe Photoshop. i am explaining a hint here, for more detailed help watch below video.
- Open your Black and white photo in adobe Photoshop and create possible parts of photo as layer with the help of pen tool or lasso tool. like head, face, eye, lips, dress, backgrounds etc.(create all possible layers) and now set color balance - use Ctrl+b for color balance , Ctrl+u for Hue/saturation, set every parts color balance. OK after set color balance merge all layers, now your black and white to color photo complete and save this.

How to automate in adobe Photoshop

Automate in adobe Photoshop :

Photoshop automation is a very useful function. with the help of automate; we can work much faster on multiple photos. when we use action in Photoshop, we work very easy and fast. we record our work in action and we use recorded action in another photo for same process But in automation we can use action at same time on multiple photos. so automation is very helpful with us for time saving.

           For example i want to change the size of 500 photos, now size is 4000 x 6000 Pixel  and i want to change it 200 x 300 Pixels in the normal process i will change size of every photo one by one in Photoshop or by run a action one by one on a photo but in automate i will run that action on all 500 photos. and all photos size will be change within few minutes.

           Same as above example we can also use automate option in different way for i.e. i have 1000 photos, photos are very dark and with the less brightness. (condition for all photos) than we can also use automation, create an action and apply automate, within few minutes you can see all photos now in good condition full light and contract.

Now, we will apply automate option step by step on above 1st example (re-sizing of photos). for creating an action see my tutorial How to Create Photoshop Action 

For creating and automate 1st record an Action for re-sizing of photo. when your action creation is complete follow bellow steps for automation :

Photoshop Automation process
select Batch in Automation from file menu
Step 01. go to File menu - Automate - and select Batch (see above pic.)

"Also Read - Download Passport size photo action "
"Also Read - Download FB action for same cover and profile pic."

How to create passport size photo in adobe Photoshop

Passport size photo tutorial -

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and open a photo in adobe Photoshop which you want to create passport size photo.
  • Press "Ctrl+a" and "Ctrl+c" and "Ctrl+w"  - for select, copy and close
  • Now press Ctrl+n for new photo document 
  • Set size "width 1.3 inch"  and "height 1.8 inch" and  "Resolution 300" and press OK button.
  • Now Press "Ctrl+v" to Paste copied Photo, and Press "Ctrl+T" for free transform [means adjusting size of photo] after set size of photo Press "Enter" Button.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

This is the Nahargarh Fort which is stands on the edge of the aravalli hills, overlooking the Pink city; Jaipur View of the pink city from the Nahargarh fort is very impressive.

Nahargarh Fort Jaipur
Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Nahargarh is situated near brahmpuri colony at Jaipur in Rajasthan state in India.

Kanak Ghati Garden Jaipur

Kanak Ghati (Garden) Jaipur

sharda kanak ghati

Kanak ghati garden is the tourism and picnic spot. Specially attracts to the visitors and many peoples coming here for picnic or weekend.
Kanak ghati is situated on NH-11, Amer Rd, Jaipur, and Rajasthan, India.
There is a jal mahal palace also situated near the kanak ghati.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Gad Ganesh, Jaipur

From last one and half year i am living at Jaipur. i visited many palaces at Jaipur and this tour is one of them. Now i decided to start Blogging with my Tours experience and i will upload photos which are from my tour. I have not full knowledge of HTML language. i am facing many problems to posting. I cannot well in posting. But i will try with my best and i will learn with every post and i will do better every new post. 

      I visited many palaces in this year like almost Jaipur, Ajmer, Puskar, Bikaner, Jodhpur etc. these all palaces are in Rajasthan and my home town is here. So my next planning is to visit outside Rajasthan and some other palace within Rajasthan. 
      So, my dear friends i am starting my New Job Blogging. i am always waiting your comments. Give your comments on my posts.

gad ganesh hill view from brahmpuri
Gad Ganesh Jaipur a view from brahmpuri
Our tour to gad Ganesh, Jaipur. Gad ganesh temple is very nearby me where i am living. This temple is at brahmpuri , on a hill. This is very nice temple. We went to gad ganesh early in the morning. This is a small hill. Left side of this hill - there is a Nahargarh fort and another one side is a Valley. and other side is city. 
This picture (right) taken from brahmpuri. 
There is many Staircase so we Tired.
Jaipur City view from Gad ganesh
Jaipur city 
Gad ganesh temple jaipur morning view
Gad Ganesh Temple
Nahargarh hill view from gadganesh
Nahargarh Hill from gad ganesh

Download one click Passport size Photo action

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