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Monday, 23 June 2014

How to automate in adobe Photoshop

Automate in adobe Photoshop :

Photoshop automation is a very useful function. with the help of automate; we can work much faster on multiple photos. when we use action in Photoshop, we work very easy and fast. we record our work in action and we use recorded action in another photo for same process But in automation we can use action at same time on multiple photos. so automation is very helpful with us for time saving.

           For example i want to change the size of 500 photos, now size is 4000 x 6000 Pixel  and i want to change it 200 x 300 Pixels in the normal process i will change size of every photo one by one in Photoshop or by run a action one by one on a photo but in automate i will run that action on all 500 photos. and all photos size will be change within few minutes.

           Same as above example we can also use automate option in different way for i.e. i have 1000 photos, photos are very dark and with the less brightness. (condition for all photos) than we can also use automation, create an action and apply automate, within few minutes you can see all photos now in good condition full light and contract.

Now, we will apply automate option step by step on above 1st example (re-sizing of photos). for creating an action see my tutorial How to Create Photoshop Action 

For creating and automate 1st record an Action for re-sizing of photo. when your action creation is complete follow bellow steps for automation :

Photoshop Automation process
select Batch in Automation from file menu
Step 01. go to File menu - Automate - and select Batch (see above pic.)

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Step 02.
In step 01 clicking on Batch a new Batch window will be open.
in given bellow image there is red rectangular(red box) shape, in this Set: select your action folder, and in action: select your action.
in next Source: Select your source of files. Set it Folder
in next Choose: select your folder where is your photos in computer.
in next Destination: if you select save and close your photos will replaced by new size. or if select Folder from Destination your photos will be save in that folder. select as your choice if you select folder than Choose folder from Choose Option.

Step 03. Now Click on OK button. new process will be start. wait few minutes. when automate process stop than check your folder all images re-sized.

Share your experience in comment box ... if you have any problems . discus in comment box...

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