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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kanak Ghati Garden Jaipur

Kanak Ghati (Garden) Jaipur

sharda kanak ghati

Kanak ghati garden is the tourism and picnic spot. Specially attracts to the visitors and many peoples coming here for picnic or weekend.
Kanak ghati is situated on NH-11, Amer Rd, Jaipur, and Rajasthan, India.
There is a jal mahal palace also situated near the kanak ghati.
How to reach?
You can take auto or taxi anywhere in the Jaipur city or you can also use public transport (bus).

kanak ghati 2 kanak ghati jaipur
vrindavan at kanak ghati 4
kanak ghati jaipur 5 kanak ghati bhag jaipur kanak ghati garden jaipur 1

sharda swami kanak ghati jaipur
visitor kanak ghati garden
friends enjoying kanak ghati jaipur
girls and boys kanak ghati jaipur
girls and boys friends at bridge kanak ghati jaipur


Kanak ghati bhag (garden) is situated at Jaipur, Rajasthan. And best time to visit here at Rajasthan is August to March months. Because august to October there is a rainy season. And November to Feb. march winter season here. So July to March is the best time to visit but if you are living at Jaipur than you can came here another months also but at evening time or check weather on that day. Because April to July summer season.  
Kanak ghati is just like a garden. Garden where we can go at morning and evening for walk but this not enough to say about kanak ghati because kanak ghati is a big garden and there is some another attractive also. So kanak ghati is the picnic spot and weekend spot. Here we can see many couples at romantic stage. Here we can see many children and other visitors also. 

Point to attract?
Kanak ghati mostly known as for animal voice because there is always running different animals voice at background music like lion, elephant, bird etc. but here some another attractive also like water fall, varandawan, Ramayan garden etc.
Other palace at Jaipur

There is many places to visit at Jaipur- Read my next post on other palace in Jaipur – Hawa Mahal, Pink city, Amer, Jai gargh , Nahargarh, Jal mahal, Jaipur zoo, Jaipur Malls etc.

ramayan Statue kanak ghati garden jaipur
Ramayan statue at kanak ghati garden, Jaipur
children game kanak ghati garden jaipur
Children jhulla at kanak ghati garden, Jaipur
girl at kanak ghati jaipur kanak ghati 6flower at kanak ghati jaipur

Our Tour -
we went to kanak ghati at evening time in April Month. we enjoyed our picnic time here. we take many pictures here. i am sharing some of them. we went four friends Me, Sharda, Mukesh and Rajendera. Kanak ghati is the very nice picnice spot and solitude for couples.
gay meeting at kanak ghati garden jaipur
they  enjoying as gay
kanak ghati 7
feeling shame now
waterfall kanak ghati jaipur girl kanak ghati jaipur hill scene kanak ghati jaipur

Thanks for visit... please share your experience in comment box.

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