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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to create Amazing Photo in adobe Photoshop !!!

The Amazing Photoshop work !!!

Amazing Photoshop Work Depends on Your Photography. there is Mainly 3 steps to create amazing Photoshop work :
I. an amazing idea in your Mind !!!! This is the very important for amazing Photoshop work. first develop an idea in your mind that what type of Amazing photo you want to create. once you set an idea in your mind to create amazing photo than your half work is done.
a true line some one said "If you can imagine it you can create it"

II. Now Start your second step to capture Photo which is you imagine.

III. And now last work is in Adobe Photoshop. Import your captured photo in to your PC and start the work on Photoshop for Amazing Photography.

I completed from above steps, this below amazing photo by matching of two Photographs.

Amazing Photo
Amazing Photograph

you can see below two images. which is used in above Photograph.

child in yard

shock man
Watch Below video for more Help :-

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