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Monday, 21 July 2014

Create Black Foreground and Light Background Photo in adobe Photoshop

How to Create Black Foreground and Light Background Photo in adobe Photoshop :
01. after work in Photoshop 
» Some Time we take Photo with Light Background. but Photo which we capture is not properly in black foreground, on that photo we can edit in Photoshop and we can create fully black foreground with the light background.
« Look at this photo This is fully black foreground photo and looking very nice pose but you know i worked on this photo in adobe Photoshop. before the edit in Photoshop this Photo was looked like this [see below Photo this is original photo]
02. Before Photoshop (Original image)

Look at Image 02.  we don't like this photo. because in this photo the foreground is not clear nor fully black. and this is looking like mistake in Photography that subject is not looking clear. so we can rectify this by using Photoshop and our result is better after works in Adobe Photoshop. so how we can create this photo in adobe Photoshop, we work on this step by step and you can also watch video which is given bellow. 

» Open your Photo in adobe Photoshop.
» Go to Image menu- adjustments- and select curves. set curves down side or reduce the curves.
» Select Brightness and contrast from Image Menu to Adjustments. and increase Contract of image.
» Now (if you want to create fully b&w photo than) select Desaturate from Image menu to Adjustments.
» Your Photo changed look like this below »

Watch Bellow video for More Help ►

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