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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Photography early in Morning

Capturing in Morning is really Good!!!
Every One Knows that in the Morning time Flowers and leaf are looking very beautiful and Dewdrops are comes on it. When Drops of dew Comes on Leaf then they looks really very Nice!!!
I captured some Photos in the early morning when Sunrise.

Flower wallpaper

When I woke up 1st i saw bellow scene (drops on leaf) Than i start to take Photographs immediately without wasting time. This is really good looking Drops of Dew on Leaf, every drop is on at Border of Leaf making good Position.
after taking this beautiful Photograph i start to capture another Morning Shoots.

beautiful vine wallpaper
Drops of Dew on Leafs Looking like Beautiful Necklace
beautiful drop wallpaper
And Next i Found Best Scene of Drop, See above Image of Drop!!!
This is looking like Beads, inside this drop Sun is Shining.
water drop wallpaper
Look at above image Water Drops looking like Diamonds!!! when sun passing the shining through drop they looks very nice, some small and some Big Drops.
dripping wallpaper
A Drop is Dripping From Leaf. 
plum wallpaper
Raw Plum on Berry 

velvety red mite
This is the Little Creatures, This Velvety red mites appear suddenly after rains.
red small Creature
I caught that red mite on my hand. 

Thorn of Thorny tree (called at local "kikar")
I captured some another pics of Farm at Morning. you can see below pics, farm is looking very greenly, this is the crop of groundnut. and you can see same tree every where that is the tree of "Khejadi". khejadi is the state Tree of Rajasthan. this tree is found at every where in rajasthan.

groundnut farm


gate of farm


farm tractor groundnut

adsar karshi farm

Scaffold for Birds

way to village
Way is going to Adsar village. village is from here only less than 2 km. 
Please Give your Feedback in comment box. and you can submit your post to me. and share your Ideas of Photography and Design with me.

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