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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Nikon School - Photo Walk

girlAfter Nikon School Photography workshop Next Day 24th August i attend Nikon School Photo walk at Mandor garden , Jodhpur City Rajasthan state of India.
» see also - Nikon School Workshop
This is the practical about 23rd august class. we enjoy this day Photography at Mandor garden at Jodhpur. i Took many Pic. which i am sharing here.

Nikon-School Workshop

Recently i went to Nikon-School Photography workshop on 23rd August at Jodhpur city of Rajasthan State of India.  many Photographers came there and learned more about photography.
Nikon-school is the good way to learn more about photography and handling camera. where we learn about every features of Nikon camera that how we can use that features for take good photo.
Here i am sharing with you some of highlights of Workshop.

» what is Photography ?
when any one take a snap from any camera or a Phone is this Photograph ? or that's only a Photo ?
what is the Difference between the Photo and photography ?
actually when we take a snap form a mobile and any other camera that's the Photo only not Photography. every one can take Photo not photograph.
Photograph - In a Photograph There is Graph which is work on back of Photo that is Photograph. Photo+Graph = Photograph and and Photograph taker is Photographer.
IF any one have a DSLR/SLR Camera. and taking Photos in auto mode, portrait, sport, flower, landscape,night mode etc. than he/she is taking only a Photo, Not taking Photograph.
IF he/she taking Photos in M|A|S|P| and using own setting... that's photography. means in auto mode any one an take Photo that's pre-defined  and Auto mode is always NOT good.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Studio Backgrounds vol 04

studio background
Studio Background
It's Studio Backgrounds vol 04
Download Free new Studio Backgrounds | vertical Studio Backgrounds | Studio Backgrounds for adobe Photoshop |

» Select your choice
This is » Studio Backgrounds vol 04
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Fair at Gumandev Temple

Gumandev fair
Hanuman Mandir, Gumandev Temple »

Located at Ankleshwer, Gujarat state of India, its big fair at this town. Many Peoples comes here at fair. this year i visited here at gumandev fair, its really very nice palace and fair. just see my photos of gumandev Temple.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cute Kids » baby girls

cute kids
Cute Kids » stylish baby girl
with goggle and hat

Cute Kids Photos »
Here #1 post of Cute baby
i am sharing here cute babies photos with the label of Cute Baby
bellow are some related words of cute kids / cute baby
Cute girl | baby girl | cute kids | stylish kids | kids style | kids photography | child Photo | stylish baby girl |

 See all Photos »

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Aravalli Hills Forest Jodhpur to Udaipur

aravalli hill
Aravalli Hills Udaipur, Rajasthan
Photography on the way .... My trip 'Jodhpur to Udaipur'
Aravalli hills are very assume at this rainy season looking like Shimla in Rajasthan. i taking these snap from buss. i took many pic. at here Aravalli hills | villages | villagers | peoples | culture | really this is assume for me.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Studio Backgrounds vol 03

Studio Backgrounds vol 03

studio backgroundDownload Free studio backgrounds. size of these Studio backgrounds are 8x12 but you can use its for 4x6 , 5x7, 8x6, 10x12 easily. and alos you can use for 12x15, 12x18 but   quality may be reduce.

This is my Studio background vol 03 and i am working for next studio vol 04, but i want to your feedback, i want to  know that is these studio backgrounds useful for your or not . please tell me something about these studio backgrounds, or you can suggest me for new studio backgrounds that which type of backgrounds you like most in comment box. so please do comment in comment box which is given in end of these backgrounds. 

This is Studio backgrounds vol 03
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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Studio Backgrounds Vol 02

studio backgrounds
Download free Studio backgrounds vol 02
New vertical studio backgrounds for Digital Photos Download Free by click on Download button which is given right side of every studio background. when you click on Download button than your studio background will be automatically start.
» Size 8x12 of every studio background
» you can use in 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 and 8x10 easily and also not bad in 10x12, 10x15 and 12x18 also

also visit on » Studio Backgrounds Vol 01
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» Digital Studio Background  Vol 07
 » Studio Background vol 08
This is » Studio Backgrounds Vol 02

Monday, 11 August 2014

» My Photography | funny | Amazing | New

funny child
Funny pic. 
Here is some images  | funny | Amazing | New

A baby eating nose of her mother | Funny pic.

see all Photos » full post 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Happy Rakshabandhan Designs

Happy Rakshabandhan
Happy Rakshabandhan (Happy Rakshi)
Happy Rakshabandhan Designs »

One of the festival of Brother and Sister called Rakshabandhan » on this Indian Festival every girls and women ties a Thread on their brother's Wrist. that thread called Rakhi. and Brother gives her some gifts and promises  for her security (Raksha). Than this festival called Raksha bandhan (Bond for security)

So Here i am sharing some Happy Rakshabandhan Photos which is designed by me. see photos

Friday, 8 August 2014

Sugarcane and Coconut

sugarcane juice
Sugarcane Juice is very popular in India specially in Summer season, India is the leading producers of sugar cane in the world. sugarcane Ganne ka rash in Hindi is one of healthiest Drink. Here I am sharing some Photos of sugarcane and Coconut which i taken in Bikaner which is desert city of Rajasthan in India. at in summer and rainy season  which is comes just after summer season there is very popular Drinks. you can take test any where in Market of this sweet juice.  

Bikaner - The Desert City of Rajasthan, state in India

Bikaner is the Desert city of Rajasthan State in India. It is the Most Tourist attractive Palace in North Rajasthan. There is a Many Palace to visit to Bikaner and Neart the Bikaner. i went to Bikaner for Photo Print (My Dist is Bikaner around 100 Km from my village) Than i Visited some palace in Bikaner City. Here i am Sharing Most Photos which i Took at Bikaner of Them.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Amazing Photoshop work #1

Amazing Photoshop Work » 

amazing Photoshop
Photoshop is a really very good software we can make amazing designs in adobe Photoshop. but keep in mind Photoshop is Image editing software. Photoshop not have any Idea in their mind, it is can to think, thinking and imagine work is done by user. 1st if we can imagine we can create in adobe Photoshop. imagine work in done us and second editing work we can done with the help of Photoshop. Recently i created a funny PK movie poster Photo with the help of Photoshop. you can check my that post » Click here
Here i created some another Photoshop work, i am sure you like these Photos » if you want to learn adobe Photoshop go to » Photoshop tutorials or watch my Photoshop » Tutorial videos. or to continue this post Click here »

Monday, 4 August 2014

When a Water Drop Dropped

♥ When a water drop dropped in to Mud!!!

Photo Shoots when a water Drop fall in to the Mud. i shoot Some Photos after falling water drop in to the Mud.

 Than mud was sprung and made some creativeness arts. This is the Photography in little moments 1/1000 sec. or less time.

every time mud is not Dirty , we can use in our work and they can give us something different Looks. Click Here and Watch my New Photos of When A water Drop Dropped » 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Funny PK Movie Poster

PK Movie Funny Poster

PK movie poster
Aamir Khan PK movie poster in funny way , towel given  by sanjay
This only for Fun. my aim is not to Hurt some one. this is only my creative work.  

Last Friday (1 august 2014) a poster released of Aamir khan's new up coming movie PK. but i show this poster on Saturday on a News channel when they are discussing on this PK movie poster.

every one is against to this poster, Matter is "nudity" , many peoples can not believe that aamir khan can shoot this type of this poster. is this story requirement or for Publishing.

OK, but that's not my matter, According my way this not 1st this type of poster. and at present this is common.

When i saw this Poster, i feel that aamir khan require a mostly a thing. that is Towel. :)

I think , yes i can do this work, i can give him a towel in this PK movie Poster. and i start to capture my Photos and over all work done with the Help of Photoshop.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Sweet Hearts HD !!!

 Sweet Heart wallpapers!!!  you can see below Hearts Photos, every Heart Looking Lovely!!!  every Heart Photo is looking very Nice ! I have been created these Hearts. ! every heart is something different from another. !! 

Please submit your feed back about this post in comment box !!!  and tell me which heart is you like most!!! 

heart wallpaper
01.   This heart created by collection of muskmelon seeds

heart wallpaper2
02.  This heart created by Vermilion, which on water, (1st create heart on mirror by water and than fall vermilion (sindoor) on water )

Friday, 1 August 2014

When Watermelon smiled !!!

Funny watermelon Smile !!!!! this is very creative and interesting work. when watermelon smiled

every one smiled who are around him. this really funny smile. !!!! :) !!!!

"when you cut the Onion, he gives you tear only. and when you cuts the watermelon, he falls tear But you will Smile"

"Do know a funny thing about watermelon - you cannot held two watermelons under one arm."

Create Black and white Photo by color Selection !!!

Selective Color Black and White Photo!!!

back girl
Selective color means select color by your own choice, for example you want to select red color; than by your selected color create black and white photo.

» Selective color photograph is always different from normal black and white photograph.

» by selection of color we have always choice to select the color.

» in selective color we can also select more than one color as our choice.

» selective color photo looking good and different from black and white photo.
»  Selective color photograph not always looking good. its depend on Photograph and on your create work.

» selective color photograph making very easy in adobe Photoshop by select color.

» look at this right side image this is the selective color Photograph.

» You can see below image normal and selective color black and white photo, which is the best black and white photo ??? answer is second image!!!!
» because in the second image you can see a major difference that is black and white color brightness, you can see in second image hair color is more black from 1st image, and face color is also more good looking and brightness from 1st image, so every one like second image.

before and after

Now, i will tell that you that how we can create black and white photo by color selection in adobe Photoshop -
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