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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Amazing Photoshop work #1

Amazing Photoshop Work » 

amazing Photoshop
Photoshop is a really very good software we can make amazing designs in adobe Photoshop. but keep in mind Photoshop is Image editing software. Photoshop not have any Idea in their mind, it is can to think, thinking and imagine work is done by user. 1st if we can imagine we can create in adobe Photoshop. imagine work in done us and second editing work we can done with the help of Photoshop. Recently i created a funny PK movie poster Photo with the help of Photoshop. you can check my that post » Click here
Here i created some another Photoshop work, i am sure you like these Photos » if you want to learn adobe Photoshop go to » Photoshop tutorials or watch my Photoshop » Tutorial videos. or to continue this post Click here »

khushboo grewal
« Look at this Photo (left side) this Photo from the Movie "aa gaye munde uk de" and now look at below Photo, here in Photo in left side Person is me and in middle khushboo grewal and right side is gurpreet ghuggi.
How This changing comes from -   Answer is Photoshop !!! ♥

Source of original Photo : Google image search
aa gaye munde uk de
Sanjay kumar swami ,  khushboo grewal and gurpreet ghuggi. 

Below Poster is from the movie RAJA NATWARLAL . I put my face on face of imran hasmi with the help of Photoshop.
Source of original Photo : Google image search
Raja Natwarlal
Replaced of imran hasmi face. 
There is an one another amazing Photo. here is a Camel's face and a lady sited on the head of the camel. ♥
actually here i am using two Photos one is Camel and another Photo is that lady. and i merged both photos with the help of adobe Photoshop. You can see photo of camel with out sited lady after this Photo. ♥ 

amazing Photoshop
Amazing Photoshop work 

angry camel

Please give your feed back in comment box. you can give me some ideas on amazing Photoshop, and ask me anything. ♥ i will be happy to help you. ♥

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