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Friday, 1 August 2014

When Watermelon smiled !!!

Funny watermelon Smile !!!!! this is very creative and interesting work. when watermelon smiled

every one smiled who are around him. this really funny smile. !!!! :) !!!!

"when you cut the Onion, he gives you tear only. and when you cuts the watermelon, he falls tear But you will Smile"

"Do know a funny thing about watermelon - you cannot held two watermelons under one arm."

watermelon heart
Heart of watermelon (tarbooj)

watermelon smiley
smile of watermelon 

watermelon smile1
funny smile of watermelon

girl and water melon
watermelon catching her finger, and smiling.

water melon
Slaughter watermelon but he is smiling yet.

watermelon inside
Now every one wants to eat , this sweet body of watermelon :)

watermelon in farm house
Vine of watermelon and watermelon in Farm

Please give your feedback in comment box, you can submit your photos. and you can discussion with me in comment box.

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