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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Funny PK Movie Poster

PK Movie Funny Poster

PK movie poster
Aamir Khan PK movie poster in funny way , towel given  by sanjay
This only for Fun. my aim is not to Hurt some one. this is only my creative work.  

Last Friday (1 august 2014) a poster released of Aamir khan's new up coming movie PK. but i show this poster on Saturday on a News channel when they are discussing on this PK movie poster.

every one is against to this poster, Matter is "nudity" , many peoples can not believe that aamir khan can shoot this type of this poster. is this story requirement or for Publishing.

OK, but that's not my matter, According my way this not 1st this type of poster. and at present this is common.

When i saw this Poster, i feel that aamir khan require a mostly a thing. that is Towel. :)

I think , yes i can do this work, i can give him a towel in this PK movie Poster. and i start to capture my Photos and over all work done with the Help of Photoshop.

PK movie poster in fun way 

PK funny poster
PK movie funny Poster
I am also a Big Fan of Amir Khan, i Shaw all of Satymev Jayte episode. He is really a very good man. he is a very different and hard worker in Bollywood. I hope This Movie will be supper hit like 3 Idiot.

According some people PK movie poster is not creative. ! so i want to ask a question to every one who read this post and show this Photo. 
question is - 

» How many stars you will give to Aamir khan's original poster and How many Stars you will to My Funny created poster ????

Please give your answer in comment box. 

Please give your feedback in comment box!!! 

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