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Friday, 1 August 2014

Create Black and white Photo by color Selection !!!

Selective Color Black and White Photo!!!

back girl
Selective color means select color by your own choice, for example you want to select red color; than by your selected color create black and white photo.

» Selective color photograph is always different from normal black and white photograph.

» by selection of color we have always choice to select the color.

» in selective color we can also select more than one color as our choice.

» selective color photo looking good and different from black and white photo.
»  Selective color photograph not always looking good. its depend on Photograph and on your create work.

» selective color photograph making very easy in adobe Photoshop by select color.

» look at this right side image this is the selective color Photograph.

» You can see below image normal and selective color black and white photo, which is the best black and white photo ??? answer is second image!!!!
» because in the second image you can see a major difference that is black and white color brightness, you can see in second image hair color is more black from 1st image, and face color is also more good looking and brightness from 1st image, so every one like second image.

before and after

Now, i will tell that you that how we can create black and white photo by color selection in adobe Photoshop -

Raju swami adsar
» Look at this right side image ►
» we will work on this image in adobe Photoshop for making black and white photograph.
» go to in adobe Photoshop and and open an image (you can open this image after downloading)
» Now go to in Select menu and click on color Range.
» here you can select your color range by color picker or you can select color as your choice from sampled color (red, blue, green, black etc.)
» In this image i selected green color and press OK. now make inverse selection by right click or from select menu and fill black color by fill option in edit menu. after filling your image look like this see below 2nd image from set of 3 image.

how to in adobe Photoshop

day to night
» Next step is  go to in Image menu → adjustments → Gradient Map from gradient map select black and white color and hit enter. now your image looks like this (right side) image (Day Photo converted in night photo, moon is separately created by me.)

» color selection is a good tool we can create many different types of photos by this tool. this (right side photo) is one another example. day converted in to night.

You can watch below video for more help on Black and white Photo -

See below image (some another example of black and white photo by color selection)

how to b&w

stylish girl

hot girl

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