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Monday, 4 August 2014

When a Water Drop Dropped

♥ When a water drop dropped in to Mud!!!

Photo Shoots when a water Drop fall in to the Mud. i shoot Some Photos after falling water drop in to the Mud.

 Than mud was sprung and made some creativeness arts. This is the Photography in little moments 1/1000 sec. or less time.

every time mud is not Dirty , we can use in our work and they can give us something different Looks. Click Here and Watch my New Photos of When A water Drop Dropped » 

sprung mud water
a Moment pic. of when a water drop dropped in to Mud 
water Drop
♥ Water sprung after drop dropped

water arts
♥ water sprung arts in 1/1000 seconds 

water sprung
♥ wart sprung art

water art
♥ water sprung like many arts 

♥ mud ♥ water ♥ and sprung 

moment pic.
♥ water fallen from Hand 

Mud Photoshop
My Photoshop work on Mud Photo

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