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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Funny Teeth eating something ||

Teeth Funny Photography

One of my teeth was not healthy, so doctor captured my whole teeth map for create a cap for my sick teeth. when treatment finished she (doctor) gave me my teeth's soil map. and i Captured Photos of teeth with some funny Ideas. 
because wastage is not always wastage >>> 

funny teeth
a funny mouth/ teeth eating a big tomato || funny Photo | big teeth mouth
opened for eat tomato ||
|| Funny Photography ||

teeth fun
mouth braked for a Food (tomato) || eating big tomato |
funny Photography || toy teeth , mouth || 

teeth kiss
Teeth eating girl's lips and face || toy teeth kissing to a girl ||
beautiful kiss by teeth to a girl || girl playing with toy teeth ||
funny Photography || 

eating teeth
Teeth catched girl's lips and mouth .. strongly catch ||
funny Photography || dangers toy teeth || eating teeth ||  

soil teeth
soil teeth of a man || sample teeth created with soil ||
soil teeth photography || teeth sample ||
Teeth Photos and image ||

gif teeth
Gif soil teeth || funny toy soil teeth want to eat something ||
Gif teeth | face | want to eat something ||
Teeth Photography || gif Image /  Pic. 

pink tong
Pink tong and black and white face ||
different Photography ||  

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