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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Studio Backgrounds 08

Studio Backgrounds ...
 This is » Studio Background vol 08

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» Digital Studio Background  Vol 07
Studio Background8
Vertical 8x12 HD New Studio Background
New Beautiful Studio Backgrounds 08

Studio Backdrops and Texture

Backdrops and Textures ...

Studio backdrop
line texture HD wallpaper
Studio Backdrops and Texture 01

floral Backdrop
Floral HD wallpaper | colourful design
Studio Backdrops and Texture 02

coloured textue
Colour texture
Studio Backdrops and Texture 03

colour spread
colour spread backdrop 
Studio Backdrops and Texture 04

texture and cloud effect
Studio Backdrops and Texture 05

coloured wall
Colourful Text
Studio Backdrops and Texture 06

Digital Studio Backgrounds vol 07

Digital Studio Backgrounds

 This is » Digital Studio Background  Vol 07

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studio background
Colourful Balloons Designs
New Digital Studio Background for
Adobe Photoshop Free Download 01
size 8x12 200 Dpi/Resolution 
 Digital Studio Backgrounds 8x12, 4x6
Free Download For
Adobe Photoshop ... HD

« Beautiful different Colourful Digital Design
   Balloons in Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink Colour
   Chess Board Yard and
    Bright Sun light coming from top left side
    Looking wonderful Digital Studio Background

« Download These Studio Backgrounds and
   Backdrops Free in HD

 « You can use in Different Size -
    These are in 8x12 inch and 200 resolution/Dpi
     but you can use in 4x6 6x8 5x7 8x10 and
     More Than 8x12 Size also but quality may reduce

«  Click and Download these Digital Studio Background
     .Jpg Image...

Digital Studio Background
Green Effective Colour
New Digital Studio Background for 

Adobe Photoshop Free Download 02
size 8x12 200 Dpi/Resolution 

colour splash background
Wall Pattern
New Digital Studio Background for 

Adobe Photoshop Free Download 03
size 8x12 200 Dpi/Resolution 

painted old wall
Coloured wall old look
New Digital Studio Background for 

Adobe Photoshop Free Download 04
size 8x12 200 Dpi/Resolution 

Studio background1
Fire wall Design
New Digital Studio Background for 

Adobe Photoshop Free Download 05
size 8x12 200 Dpi/Resolution 

Friday, 30 January 2015

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers HD Wallpapers ...

Flower Wallpaper
HD Flowers Wallpaper | Red Flower | beautiful leaf of Flower |

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sky, Sun and Sunset

Beautiful sunset and clouds Photography ...
low ISO and high sutter speed Photography ...

also  visit - wonderful sunset Photography

sun inside clouds
Beautiful lights in sky of sun before sunset Photography, sun lights looking fire
| lights coming from sky | powerful sun beam | assume beautiful HD wallpaper
sunset Photography by Sanjay Kumar Swami

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

couple photography at sunset

Beautiful Silhouette Couple Photography...

couple at sunset
a girl and boy couple loving each other , romance at a
hill station | at sunset | very romantic Photography
Beautiful Silhouette Photography of Couple at sunset at

Sinhagad fort, Pune, Maharastra by Sanjay Kumar Swami

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Romantic Silhouette Photography

Silhouette Photography 

Today , I Captured Silhouette Photographs in Day light. its evening (sunset) time when captured.
It's assume to capture the Romantic moments.
Silhouette Photography is one of the technique/category of Photography, Silhouette Photography is a very Different Photography, In Silhouette Photography we can't see the Face of subject. subject is always will black or in a single colour, and time of Silhouette Photography is generally Morning and Evening but we can capture this at random light also.
and the camera setting at Silhouette Photography is different from normal Photography. when capture below silhouette Photo than my camera setting was - Minimum ISO provided in camera, Higher Sutter Speed (we can not say how many higher because its depend on sun light) , Minimum F point and focus Point should be on background.

Beautiful wallpaper
a girl and boy Doing romance || beautiful sunset Photography ||
Romantic Silhouette Photography  || Romantic wallpaper HD ||

Friday, 23 January 2015

Beautiful Photography of Indian girl

Some Beautiful Photos of Sharda Swami
i am sharing with you. 
Photos are taken at Farm house. 

Indian beautiful girl
a girl looking at side with smile || beautiful looking ||
Beautiful Portrait Photography of
Sharda Swami

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Colourful texture and backdrop wallpapers 01

Colourful HD Wallpaper and Backgrounds Download  ...
Here is some colourful free backgrounds and wallpaper which i am sharing with you ... plz give your feedback in comment box ...
colourful wallpaper
bubbles colourful wallpaper
HD colourful Wallpaper and backdrops for Adobe Photoshop
mix colour background for Photoshop

Friday, 2 January 2015

Bobbin Love Story

Here i am sharing Some Photos of Bobbin ... bobbin love story -
watch bobbin love story video at the end of below images -

bobbin kiss
yellow red bobbin kissing, hugging | Photo of Bobbin |

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