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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Romantic Silhouette Photography

Silhouette Photography 

Today , I Captured Silhouette Photographs in Day light. its evening (sunset) time when captured.
It's assume to capture the Romantic moments.
Silhouette Photography is one of the technique/category of Photography, Silhouette Photography is a very Different Photography, In Silhouette Photography we can't see the Face of subject. subject is always will black or in a single colour, and time of Silhouette Photography is generally Morning and Evening but we can capture this at random light also.
and the camera setting at Silhouette Photography is different from normal Photography. when capture below silhouette Photo than my camera setting was - Minimum ISO provided in camera, Higher Sutter Speed (we can not say how many higher because its depend on sun light) , Minimum F point and focus Point should be on background.

Beautiful wallpaper
a girl and boy Doing romance || beautiful sunset Photography ||
Romantic Silhouette Photography  || Romantic wallpaper HD ||

light background and dark subject Silhouette photography ||
a beautiful couple in romance || romantic mood Photography || 

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